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Our IT infrastructure expertise extends beyond technology; we build a strategic foundation that aligns with your business goals, providing the stability and flexibility needed for continuous advancement.

AWS Cloud
Consulting Solutions

Unlock the full potential of cloud computing with Leadingdots Solution, where innovation meets efficiency. As a premier AWS Cloud Consulting Services provider, we empower businesses to scale, optimize, and secure their operations in the cloud. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your cloud journey, ensuring seamless integration, cost-effectiveness, and unparalleled performance.

AWS Cloud Migration ​

Transition to the cloud effortlessly with our proven migration strategies. Minimize downtime, reduce costs, and harness the power of AWS to transform your business operations.

Infrastructure Optimization ​

Streamline your infrastructure for optimal performance. Our experts leverage AWS tools to fine-tune your architecture, improving efficiency and maximizing resource utilization.

Security and Compliance ​

Safeguard your assets with our robust security solutions. We implement industry best practices to ensure your data is protected, and your AWS environment complies with relevant regulations.

Managed Cloud Services​

Focus on your core business while we manage your cloud infrastructure. Our comprehensive managed services include monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing optimization for peak performance.

Serverless Architecture ​

Embrace the future of cloud computing with serverless architecture. Reduce operational overhead, enhance scalability, and boost agility in your application development

AWS Core Services

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) ​

Leverage scalable compute capacity with EC2 instances tailored to your needs. Our experts ensure optimal instance selection and management for seamless performance.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)​

Store and retrieve any amount of data with ease. We implement S3 solutions to meet your storage requirements, from cost-effective archiving to high-performance data access.

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)​

Ensure reliable and scalable database solutions with RDS. Our team specializes in deploying and optimizing RDS instances for optimal performance and data management.

AWS Lambda ​

Embrace serverless computing for efficient, event-driven applications. We integrate AWS Lambda into your architecture, allowing you to focus on code while we handle the infrastructure.

Why Choose Our
AWS Integration Services?

  • Expertise: Our certified AWS professionals bring in-depth knowledge to seamlessly integrate and optimize AWS services tailored to your business needs.
  • Agility: We adapt AWS features and tools to match the evolving needs of your business, ensuring flexibility and agility in your digital infrastructure.
  • Cost Optimization: We focus on maximizing the efficiency of your AWS environment, optimizing costs without compromising on performance or security.

IT Infrastructure

Optimizing, securing, and modernizing your technology backbone, ensuring seamless operations and unlocking new opportunities for growth.


Safeguard your digital infrastructure with cutting-edge network security.


Enhance entry points with robust endpoint security for comprehensive protection in the digital realm.

Identity & Access Management

Empower your organization with robust identity and access management solutions.

Security ​

Comprehensive cloud security for unlocking its full potential without compromising data safety.

Incident Response & Disaster Recovery ​​

Prepare for the unexpected with our response and recovery solutions.


Our solutions protect your data, ensuring that it remains unreadable to unauthorized users even in the event of breaches.

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